World Countries Geographic Heat Map Generator


World Heat Map Excel Template will visualize the grouped of data on the map of world. Put your data and heat map will be ready automatically.

We use heat maps in order to visualise values of individual data points within a data set. While illustrating those data points from the lowest to the highest, we use colour sets. Geographic heat map is probably the most popular type, since it’s used in variable areas like, meteorology, sociology, politics, economics, medicine, etc. For example you can create a world heat map which would look like this:
However, creating it from scratch isn’t as easy as it sounds. That’s why we have built this Excel tool. With 3 easy steps, heat map of world will be ready:

1. Step: Paste/Type your data from your own spreadsheet
2. Step: Choose your limits for data ranges
3. Step: Choose your color set and click the button!

Now you can create a Country Heat Map in a few minutes!

World Heat Map Generator Features:
Fully editable World Map Generator with 170 countries
Easy to use and nice density map
5 Premade color sets to choose from (you can even modify as you wish)
Export to PDF feature
Clear on sheet instructions (with turn on/off function)
Print Ready
Includes VBA code and macros
Works both on Windows and Mac
Compatible with Excel 2007 and later
No installation needed. Ready to use.