Risk Assessment Template


Risk Assessment Excel Template will help you to manage and control all the risk that your company may have within a visual dashboard view!

For a company to maintain its regular situation and business reputation it should avoid the risks as much as possible. However, to be able to avoid the risk, the necessary precautions must be taken by the managers. They must ensure those things, activities, situations, processes, etc. that cause harm to people or property are controlled.

Using Risk Assessment Template is one of the greatest ways to evaluate all the risk that the company may have in the same manner.

Mainly, the template has 2 parts:
Let’s take a quick look at the sections:

A risk assessment template dashboard will manage and control potential risk in your business. It involves a systematic examination of a workplace to identify hazards, assess injury severity and likelihood to reduce risks.
Warning!: DO NOT type in or delete anything in the Risk Impact column, it adjusts itself automatically from Risk Assessment Matrix right after you choose your options in Severity and Likelihood columns.

Risk Assessment Matrix
The risk impact is calculated by the risk identification matrix right after putting values for likelihood and severity. It is mainly used to assess the consequence, likelihood and overall risk rating of a safety hazard.

Furthermore, Scale of Likelihood and Scale of Severity options are up to your company’s procedure and policy. If you would like to modify the text, the dropdowns at the dashboard will be updated accordingly.
Risk Assessment Template Features Summary:
Easy to use risk management form
HIRA Format in Excel
Professional design for presentations
Full Print Ready
Informational side-notes included
No installation needed. Ready to use.
Works both on Mac and Windows
Compatible with Excel 2007 and later versions
Does not include any VBA macros