Proforma Invoice Template


Proforma Invoice Template creates a well-prepared invoice format with your Customer & Product information and Bank details!

Nowadays companies have to deal with a large volume of proforma invoices on a daily basis, based on customer requests. While e-mailing and phone calls can give basic information to the customers, a proforma invoice template will give much more details that can make their decision easier. On the customer end, they prefer to have a non-binding document with no legal obligations as compared to a regular invoice.

However, writing so many details for every customer request over and over again is time-consuming for employees, and companies often hire data entry clerks or assistants to fill in all the proforma invoices. Proforma Invoice Template has been formed for the companies who would like to automate a lot of the hard work easily and quickly.

Proforma Invoice Template Features:
The solution we have created includes 5 main parts:

Customer Database,
Product Database,
Payment Details,
Detailed Invoice
Simple Invoice
You need to be complete only the customer database, product database and payment details once you start to use our template. Then you will only need to fill in details that can vary from one invoice to another or from one customer to another.

Customer Database
In the Customer Database tab, you can add all customer information. Proforma Invoice Template supports up to 500 contacts. The information in this tab will be dynamically connected to other parts, so fill in carefully. You only need to complete this part once and update it whenever you have new customers.
Please note that it is very important to specify the continent of each customer, as they are grouped in continents for easier access in the invoice pages.

Product Database
The Product Database has a similar logic to the customer database. You can add all the necessary details here and update them whenever you decide to increase your product base. Again the template supports up to 500 products.
Because of the product details are dynamically connected to the invoice tabs pay special attention to completing the categories and other details carefully.

Payment Details
Proforma invoices also include payment options, so we decided to make this part easier. In order to have selectable options in the invoice tabs, we added a Payment Details page where you can fill in different payment options.
After completing the first 3 parts of the template everything else is easier. Now you have a tool that will help you generate pro forma invoices much, much faster.

Detailed Proforma Invoice Template
You can use the Detailed Invoice for customers who want shipping details included.

First of all insert your logo and company details and put the date and invoice number manually. The contact details are dynamically connected so you can just select the continent and name of your customer.
The other table at the top of the page contains the shipping method. After you select your shipping method you can manually insert shipping date, volume, weight, number of packages and Port of Loading.

In the invoice details, you only need to select the product category, the product name and the quantity.
Finally, at the very top of the page, you can choose payment method and manually write the origin of goods.

Simple Proforma Invoice Template
If shipping details are not necessary you can use Simple Invoice.
Since the details you enter in the database (for customer, product and bank details) are going to show up on both version of the Proforma Invoice, all you have to do is choose the right form to send to your customer.

Features Summary:
Easy to fill Proforma Invoice Template
Two Different Invoices according to shipping details
Full Print Ready
Informational notes included
No installation needed. Ready to use.
Works both on Mac and Windows
Compatible with Excel 2007 and later versions


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