Inc 5000 Excel List


Inc 5000 List [2015-2021] is the ranking of private USA companies which made the highest revenue growth rate in a fiscal year. Available in Excel format.

Inc 5000 is a list of private companies in the United States, and the publisher is Mansueto Ventures. This is a prestigious list of the best-known fastest-growing US companies. The list was firstly available in 1982. After that, in 2007, the Inc 500 list is expanded to 5000. Following this, the top 500 companies are being regularly published on the Inc. Magazine September issue. As well as on

Numerous companies included in the list are honored by Inc magazine. In addition, taking a place in this prestigious list provides indispensable benefits such as visibility, networking, business opportunities.

Companies are ranked according to the percentage of revenue growth rate over a three-year period.

The list is available for the years 2015-2021.

This is the calculation formula of the revenue growth percentage:

[(Recent Yearly revenue – Base Year revenue) / Base Year revenue] x 100 = total growth percentage
We’ve just taken the existing list and put it into an Excel file to make it easier to filtering, sorting, and managing all the data for the user who wants to benefit from this list for their research, analysis, and presentations.

Inc 5000 Excel List Includes:
Company Rankings
Times on List
Business Model


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