Freelance Invoice Template


Freelancer Invoice Template creates hourly or project invoices for different customers, in Excel. Includes customer database, payment details and much more!

To be able to maintain the accounting sustainability every institution, company, sole-partnership based companies or individuals must create a specific freelance invoice template for the products and services to declare the cost of the job. However, creating a new invoice for each job you perform could be an unpleasant errand every day especially if you have loyal customers and working for a small amount of money. Typing their information, day by day, all the time could be an annoying, boring and regular errand.
One of the methods which could help to achieve effectiveness and time-efficiency is to create an ready to use template. Freelancer Invoice Template is a tool used to create a different kind of job invoices to different customers in a handy way. It will save your customers details and create an invoice according to their payment method to be able to add the transaction fees to the total cost.

Freelance Invoice Template Features:
Freelance Invoice Template gathers the data of customers address and contact information with their payment method. With your bank information and the payment method you choose makes this template really handy because with a few clicks on the dashboard you can calculate and set the invoice easily without sparing a lot of time on it.

Basically the tool is constructed by 4 parts:

Two sections to create the main invoice – Hourly Invoice, Project Invoice
Database section for “Customers” and “My Details“.
Once you input the necessary details of the job, the template automatically brings you a well-designed Invoice format which you could benefit in terms of work-based and time-based.

My Details:
The personal details you type in here will appear on your invoice. Once you also write your details here, it is going to be appear on the invoice automatically.

Automatic fees on the table below will be included automatically on the invoices on the Payment Type Fee part .
You can use the table to add different payment methods and expand it if you would like to get additional rows.

Customer Details:
Add the details of your customers to the table in order to import their address on the invoices. Here you can select payment method that they are willing to pay which fed by My Details. So you can adjust payment methods in this section as well.
After setting the fees in “My Details” section select payment method for each customer from “Payment Method”.

Project Invoice:
Billed to Part is already ready to choose your customers and besides that you will be able to select the Payment Details that you have already typed in Payment Description part of My Details.
Below, type in the period of time taken for the job, the date of invoice issued and due date. The other table contains the project details that you are proceeding or have already completed. Just input your project name, milestones your customers created(if any).
Finally, as soon as you write your charge, the template will calculate Total Due along with Payment Type Fee you put into My Details section before.

Please note that the date format that you should apply is DD/MM/YYYY.

Hourly Invoice:
Hourly Invoice is nearly same with the Project Invoice part. The only you have to do is typing in your Project Name, your hourly rate, hours you worked for customers and the charge again.

Freelance Invoice Template Features Summary:
Ready-to-use Invoice Template for Freelance Work
Two billing options: Hourly and Project Based
Customer Database, Payment Details, Payment Fee’s
Full Print Ready
Informational notes included
No installation needed.
Ready to use.
Works both on Mac and Windows
Compatible with Excel 2007 and later versions
Does not include any VBA macros


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