Fortune 1000 Excel List


Fortune 1000 Excel List is the ranking of US companies that made the highest revenue in the past year. Available in Excel format.

Fortune 1000 is a top US companies list published by Fortune Magazine every year. This list includes the details of the 1000 largest US companies, ranked by their revenue. In 2021, Fortune 1000 companies generated $15.3 trillion in revenues and almost $1 trillion in profits. Together, this year’s Fortune 1000 companies have 34.6 million employees worldwide. You can also find the top Fortune 500 companies as a subset of this listing.

The Fortune Magazine regularly publishes the Fortune 1000 companies list in July or August of each year. For this reason, 2022 rankings will be published around July 2022 and until then you will have the latest Fortune 1000 Companies on our website.

Although all credits go to Fortune Magazine, we have done the hard work and put these companies in an Excel file which you can use for your analysis, presentations and business research. Also, due to this is just an Excel template, you will be able to filter, sort and manage all the data we input as you wish!

Fortune 1000 Companies List includes:
Revenue Change vs. Previous Year
Profit Change vs. Previous Year
Market Value
Number of Employees
Change in Ranking


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