Forbes Global 2000 List


Forbes Global 2000 List in Excel format. Sales, assets, profits, market value and country names are provided.

The Forbes Global 2000 is an annual ranking of the top 2,000 public companies in the world by Forbes magazine. The ranking is based on a mix of four metrics: sales, profit, assets and market value. The list has been published since 2003.

On the financial front, Forbes 2000 companies generated market capitalization of $79.8 trillion, as well as collective revenues of $39.8 trillion, profits of $2.5 trillion, assets of $223 trillion.

Fortune Magazine publishes Forbes Global 2000 rankings in July or August of each year. For this reason, 2022 rankings will be published in July of 2022 and you will see that we have the latest 2021 Forbes 2000 Companies in our website.

Meanwhile, we have gathered World’s Biggest Public Companies in an Excel list for you as an edition of Forbes Global 2000 List.

Now you can download the list for free and it’s available to play around easily on an Excel rather than browsing on a web page.

Forbes Global 2000 List includes:
Company Name
Company Sales
Company Assets
Company’s Market Value


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