Etsy Seller Spreadsheet


Etsy Seller Spreadsheet to track sales & income in Excel. Import data from Etsy, analyze sales with charts. Detailed instructions included.

Managing an Etsy Shop? All in Excel and designed by professional Etsy sellers, this Etsy Seller Spreadsheet is exactly what you need! We know that Etsy bookkeeping and managing all the data at hand might be challenging – if you do not have the right tools.

Therefore we are here to share our secret recipe with you.
Our Etsy Seller Spreadsheet is already designed in a way to accommodate Etsy specific information. Just follow the steps to input your existing raw sales data and expenses. Your reports will be automatically and simultaneously generated.

Etsy Seller Spreadsheet Features
The main target of this Etsy bookkeeping template is to produce meaningful reports from the CSV file. This file can be easily gathered from Etsy account. Afterward, the data is organized and manipulated for the user automatically, providing you with an opportunity to analyze sales numbers.

The template is constructed by three main parts to be followed in order:


2.Input sections

Raw Sales Data: This will be fed from Etsy report. Detailed “Instructions” for users to import data from Etsy are included.

Expense Records: In this area, you will be able to input your expenses using dropdown menus.

3. Output sections

The visual charts and reports include Sales Summary and Sales Dashboard.

Navigation Menu
The design of this sheet lets you easily navigate within the Etsy bookkeeping template. Just use the buttons to navigate between settings, input areas and output sections.

Yellow notes are included to help you get going on the Etsy Seller Spreadsheet right away!
In the settings section, you may define your expense categories as well as monthly sales revenue targets. Your input in the expense categories will be used as selection options in the Expense Records section.

Furthermore, here you may only define your desired currency as well as the date format.
Raw Sales Data
This is the main data input area of the Etsy Seller Spreadsheet. You may import your data from Etsy. Of course, Instructions will help you step by step. You can also check the product video tutorial showcasing this in action.
If you manually input data, fill in all the columns with an asterisk (*) sign. These are:

Sale Date, Item Name, Quantity, Price, Listing ID and Ship Country.

Expense Records
The user will record his expenses with the Year/Month/Category and Amount info. The description is optional. While recording expenses, the user should use the same currency as the listings.
Sales Summary
This is where you will see your sales breakdown. All the data is coming from your raw sales data. In addition, you may use filters to examine your sales.

You may filter the table by sales date, item, quantity, country, and total sales.

Note: Please do not input any data and do not try to manually edit the table.
Sales Dashboard
The interactive Sales Dashboard section will allow you to analyze results. Furthermore, while analyzing your results, you can use year and month filters to dynamically update the figures and charts. These filters are located on top of the Sales Dashboard section.
The ready-made reporting areas and charts include:

# of Items Sold, Total Sales, Total Expenses, Net Income
Expense breakdown per expense category, Top 5 Countries by Sales, Yearly Target Actualization, Monthly Targets and Actuals
As well as Top three Items and Item-based Sales breakdown per month.
Moreover, this particular chart can be drilled down by its individual filter located near the bottom of the Sales Dashboard section.
Although most Etsy Sellers are familiar with importing data from their Etsy account, we have included a detailed explanation on how to perform this action in 3 simple steps:

Step 1 – Downloading CSV File from Etsy
Step 2 – Importing Data from CSV
Step 3 – Copy and Pasting the Data
Detailed instructions can be found within Etsy Bookkeeping Excel Template.

Etsy Seller Spreadsheet Features Summary:
Etsy Bookkeeping Spreadsheet in Excel format
Direct import from Etsy account
Dynamic sales summary report and charts included
Informational notes included
No installation needed, ready-to-use
Works both on Mac and Windows
Compatible with Excel 2010 and later versions
Does not include any VBA code or macros


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