Unit Converter


Excel Unit Converter with printable nice design supporting conversions like Kilogram, Meter, Watt, Fahrenheit, Celcius and many more.

Whether you are an engineer, sales manager or teacher, you need to convert units from time to time. Even though this is a very straightforward job, it is sometimes hard to find the correct tool. We have prepared Excel Unit Converter Template to consolidate all necessary conversion units into one tool. Now you can have this under your hand and use whenever you need to make a unit conversion.

Excel Unit Converter Template Features:
This tool includes almost all necessary units from weight to pressure, from distance to liquids. It uses the native CONVERT function in Excel and lets you choose the units from drop-down menus. It also has a separate prefix selection to make the conversion process easier.

The template is constructed by one simple worksheet. The following are the most used unit types that are compiled in this unit conversion template: Distance, Area, Liquid, Power, Magnetism, Time, Speed, Weight & Mass, Force, Pressure, Temperature, Energy.
Once you input your values in a related units and select prefix along with the unit, the result will show up on yellow box. If the units you would like to convert are not related with each other, you will be warned with “No Conversion!” message.

Features Summary:
Easy to use tool to make unit conversion easier
Includes almost all common units (like kg, m, km, Inch, Mile, Watt, Pascal, Fahrenheit, Celcius and many more..)
Clear on sheet instructions
Does not include VBA code.
Nice design
Print Ready
Works on both Mac and Windows
Compatible with Excel 2007 and later versions.