UK Geographic Heat Map Generator


Excel Template to generate UK Heat Map. Analyze your best performing data over colored UK Counties and Regions with a 5 pre-made color set!

Geographic heat map is one of the most popular data visualisation tools to analyse and present geographical based data in a visual way. Heat maps use colours and shades in order to express graphically, individual data points in a data set. They are commonly used in many areas such as meteorology, sociology, economics and politics. For example you can create a UK Heat Map of cities by population which would look similar to this:
Heat maps look nice however creating a heat map from scratch is not as easy as it sounds. So, it might be logical to use a pre-made template instead. Someka offers variable heat map templates for countries and continents. By following 3 basic steps, you may create one for United Kingdom cities:

1. Step: Paste/Type your data set
2. Step: Choose your limits
3. Step: Choose your colour set and your heat map is ready!

Turn Your Spreadsheet Into A Geographical Heat Map!
It’s quite easy to paste your data inside the template and get your heat map ready within minutes. You will be using it easily by the help of clear on sheet instructions:
Since it’s print-ready, you can easily print it. Or you can easily export to PDF if you like.

Furthermore, you will be able to choose 1 of 5 color sets. On the other hand, you can modify colour sets as you like: