Team To Do List Template


Team To Do List Template defines monthly achievements of your team and keeps tasks organized. Free download and ready-to-use in Excel!

Creating a to-do list for your business gives you an overview of the work that needs to be done. Your employees will have clarity on what needs to get done and they feel less stressed because all their monthly todos are in one place.

Team To Do List Template is designed to help the leaders and managers to keep track of the team progress in certain jobs, tasks, or objectives. The solution is very flexible and user-friendly, with options to expand or collapse the number of tasks.

Basically, the flow of the template:
Create your team and assign tasks in the Team Data Sheet.
Switch between Months and update the status of tasks.
Dashboard shows the total number of tasks completed, in progress or closed.
Now let’s see these 3 sections in detail.

In order to make things as easy as possible for the users, there is a team data page, where you can create your team and assign tasks. This helps the users to just insert the jobs without wasting much time.
In the job assignment table you need to insert an assignment date and a deadline, too. Because your job duties will appear on each month according to their deadline date. You can increase the number of team members up to 100 and number of tasks up to 2000.

Remember to input only on the white cells, as the grey cells are for calculations.

By the way, you can also see monthly stats and total stats at the top of the page:
Now, go back to the Dashboard and see monthly jobs of your team members.

Here, you can go to a certain month and see an overview as well as make changes to the status of certain tasks. Please note that you do not need to change anything else on this page because the data for the chosen month will be automatically shown.
**Gray columns contain automatic calculations and you should not overwrite manually.

All you need to do is update the status of jobs that have not started, are in progress or were finished. You can also see the stats of each team member for the chosen month. Besides that the team members will also update according to the names you create in the Team Data Sheet.
The dashboard of the Team To Do List Template helps you navigate between pages easily, and also gives you a visual statistic with the total jobs that have not started, are in progress or have been completed.
Employee Task List Template on monthly basis
Ready-to-use job assignments
Task status with visual progress charts
Compatible with Excel 2007 and later versions
No installation needed.
Easy-to-use and nice design
Works on both Mac and Windows
On-sheet instructions