Teacher Lesson Plan Template


Excel Teacher Lesson Plan Template is a free lesson planner that allows you to organize your students and lessons with nice visuals!

This Excel Lesson Plan Template is designed to help the ultimate helpers: the teachers around the world. Gone are the days where you had to write everything down on a notebook, or even worse on pieces of paper! Gone are the days when you had to browse through your entire notebook or a number of notebooks to find data about a specific student! And gone are the days when you had different registers for different purposes!

Teacher Lesson Plan Template will help teachers plan their work, keep records and track the progress of each student. This solution will make it easier to focus on lesson content rather than writing a lot of paperwork or trying to find data.

Teacher Lesson Plan Template Features:
This planner template has 6 main sections:

Daily Lesson Plan
Weekly Lesson Plan
Exam Results
Now, we will dive into each of them:

In the dashboard, you can insert the names of students and a list of subjects/lessons/classes taught.

This is the first step for successful use of this tool, and you only need to update this info in this page. The other pages will then get student names and lessons from the dashboard. Besides that, exam results or averages are dynamically connected and will update when other pages are updated with information.
With a dropdown menu below the lesson list, you will switch between students and see their exam details.
If you want to see detailed information about a student again in the dashboard, you can visit individual student pages with a “GO” link appear next to it. Because, this button will take you to the individual page, where you can see detailed stats, graphs, and can also keep notes for the student.
In the attendance menu, you can choose the current month and update the attendance daily, with four options possible. As the attendance is updated, important statistics will show up on the right side as well as on the main menu for each student.
You can also use this template to create daily and weekly teaching plans.

Daily Lesson Plan
In the daily lesson plan, you can choose the subjects, and then insert topics that you have to teach on that specific day. Furthermore, you can later update the status of each topic to see the completion rate for the day and get a visual representation.
Weekly Lesson Plan
Weekly lesson plan template provides 1-5 topics to write for each subject on each of the days of the week. You will see an overview of the total number of topics you have to teach during the week.
Homework / Exam Results:
In the exams sheet, you have three columns for each subject/lesson, where you can insert the results of 3 different exams or quizzes. This information will appear in all other related pages.
The homework sheet is similar to the exams one. You can insert 3 different homework results for each subject or lesson.

Teacher Lesson Plan Template Features Summary:
Well-organized teaching plan for each lesson
Daily and Weekly Lesson Plan Template
Visualized student tracking for teachers
Clear on-sheet instructions
Easy to use and nice design
Works on both Windows and Mac
Compatible with Excel 2007 and later versions.
No installation needed. Ready to use