Sports Arbitrage Calculator


Arbitrage Calculator for “Sure Betting” calculations including odds, stakes, profits and loss. Shows amount of necessary stakes for minimum risk.

Arbitrage betting (or sure betting) has become very popular recently due to the increasing number of agencies, betting companies and several websites. Separate brokers with different odds allow the player to be able to find an opportunity for scalping. But even though this sounds great, it is not always easy to calculate the necessary stake amounts for each different odd, especially when you need to be fast. Our Sports Arbitrage Calculator Excel Template will come in handy if you are dealing with these.

Sports Arbitrage Calculator Features:
Only thing you need to do is, entering the odds for different types of bets. Put your arbitrage bettings and odds to the Dashboard and stakes will be calculated automatically to find the sure betting. You will able to put as many odds as you want.
The calculator will give you the result if this arbitrage yields to a profit or loss. If odds are not enough to create a sure betting occasion, then you will able to see your loss.

Finally the template tells you how much money should you put into each stake. Just try different odds from different agencies to get the most out of arbitrage betting and find the best combination which will maximize your profits.

Features Summary:
Easy to use arbitrage calculator for sure betting opportunities
Allows the user to see if particular combination results in profit or loss
Shows amount of necessary stakes for minimum risk
Nice looking dashboard
Clear on sheet instructions
Compatible with Excel 2007 and later versions.
Does not include VBA macros