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Track your sales pipeline in Excel! Divide your sales process into stages, find the bottlenecks and increase your return by managing each step.

Having an efficient sales process requires additional efforts to achieve success. At the end of the day, competent management of each step in the process is what brings the greatest return. In this context, using a sales pipeline is an effective method in turning your prospects into customers. You can divide your sales process into stages to get a better understanding and greater success of each step.
This Sales Pipeline template will help you to better manage your sales process, track the success of each stage and increase the conversation rate of your potential customers.

Sales Pipeline Template Features:
There are four sections on the template which are Dashboard, Input, Pipeline, and Settings.

We recommend you to start with the settings section to use the template effectively.

In this section, you can determine the stages of your sales process, define sales status, list sales representatives, choose a date format, and select the categories that will show up on the sales funnel template.

It is important to define stages in the sequence of occurrence in your sales process. Because you will see the same order in the sales funnel graph of the dashboard section.
Besides that, you can specify the status you will use on the input sheet. Date format selection is also included to this template so that you can easily change the date style shown on the sales pipeline.
Lastly, you can also select the sales data input categories you wish to be included in the pipeline section. Just select the “X” sign for the categories you would like to see on the pipeline. You can easily play around with the X sign selection and update the pipeline section according to your needs. The pipeline section is similar to a kanban board. So, the marked details will be visible in the pipeline section as kanban visualization.

This area is for your data input. The titles in this sheet are based on the category titles you set in the settings section (Sales Data Input). You can decide the order in which you want to see the information, simply by selecting each title from the drop-down menu.
If you select the same title for multiple columns, the second column with the same title will turn yellow as a duplication warning. It will disappear automatically when you replace it with a category title that has not been used before. Please remember not to delete the data on the grey cells, just use the white ones for inputting data.

This section provides a visual representation of each chosen stage. You can select the desired stages to be shown from the dropdown button. In addition, the order of the columns can be adjusted. Again, you will be warned when the same stage is selected more than once.
Besides that, you can add new stages by using empty columns. These additional columns are ready in advance, so you can easily add new stages by selecting the stage name from the drop-down menu.
Similar to the titles in the Input section, you can select the information shown on each card from the Settings section (Show on the pipeline). The sales data inputs marked with “X” on the Settings sheet will show up in the pipeline. Thus, you only see the information you need.

In addition, there are filtering options on top of the pipeline. So, you can filter the pipeline by salesperson, status, open date from/till, and min/max value.

The dashboard section serves as a visual summary of the whole sales pipeline template. In addition to won vs. lost percentage, forecasted earnings, and actual earnings information, you may also find charts and graphs for sales funnel, won vs. lost (total and monthly), won deals value, and tasks per salesman.
Finally, you can filter the outputs for the same categories as we mentioned above in the pipeline section.

Sales Pipeline Template Features Summary:
Create sales pipeline in Excel
Track your sales in all stages
Informational notes included
No installation needed. Ready to use.
Works both on Mac and Windows
Compatible with Excel 2013 and later versions
Does not include VBA code and macros


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