ROTA Template


Excel Rota Template helps you to track rotation and shifts of employees, calculate total working hours, and schedule employee workdays.

Tracking the working hours and shifts of employees is a very critical point to provide an effective working pattern. Our ROTA template helps you to prepare rotation for your employees, tracking their shifts, and calculate total working hours easily. This Excel Rota Template contains three different types of rotation schedules. Those are specified according to the time duration such as monthly, weekly, and hourly. All of the types are designed and structured depending on your needs and the work system you have in your company.
ROTA Template Features:
On the dashboard, there is a table that you can add up to 60 employee names individually. After you input your employee names, you can proceed to other sheets to set their shifts and work hours. We have separated rotations based on three different time durations. Each sheet serves different purposes on variable working fields.
Monthly Rotation Schedule:
This section allows you to create a monthly schedule for all your employees. As a first step, you can choose the year and month from the dropdown button for defining the schedule. There are three different shift types you can specify according to your organization’s work schedule. Additionally, you can input the number of working and non-working days, and the first workday in a month manually, for a defined shift. You can change the names of the shifts also the letter that is being used as shift abbreviation. If you do not have shifts in your work just use one of them and simply remove the other shifts.
In this table, you can select the employee name from the dropdown button. After that, you can select a shift type you specified above or you can even enter a custom shift as well. We have put extra information to clarify how you can create a custom shift pattern.

But, if you want to enter a custom pattern you should leave blank the shift column of this row. Once you fill the necessary columns, you will see the visual demonstration of the employee’s working days automatically.
After you fill the previous table, you will see the total number of employees working in a day for each shift. The calendar will be updated automatically each time you choose the date above. Additionally, we have also placed the date on the left top corner of this table.
Hourly Rotation Schedule by Employees:
If you need to create just a daily working hours schedule for your employees, then we would suggest checking the hourly schedule. You can define the start hour, the total hours to work, and the time-space you will use while you are creating a schedule table.
You can add more employees below by selecting an employee name from the dropdown button. Moreover, you can increase the number of hours up to 24. The table formatting will adjust itself automatically for both arrangements. To fill the working hours of the employee, you can select “w” inside the box. In that way, you will be able to see the hours that employees will work.
Weekly Rotation Schedule for a Team:
In this section, you can plan the simultaneous work of your employees. You also have the option to change the name of the shifts, working hours, and start-end time. Working hours are used to calculate total working time in a week excluding for example “lunchtime”. After you change the shift name, also the dropdown list will be updated with the available shift names.
Once you select the shift of the day of that employee from the dropdown button, the total hour’s column will be calculated automatically according to the shift selections you made for a total week. Again, you can add more employees by selecting the dropdown button on the employee column.

Weekly Rotation Schedule by Employee:
This section of the template is a bit simple. It does not allow to plan simultaneous work, but it can be used for some specific tasks. That kind of schedule templates is usually used when there is a need for tracking who did some specific task on a specific date and time. For example, an employee who is closing the lab, who is responsible for cleaning the toilet or who was at that time at the security check, etc. Again, you can determine start hours, the total number of hours will be worked and time spaces on the schedule.
There are two options for time-space which are a full hour and 30 minutes. You can fill the table by selecting the employee name from the dropdown button.

So please just check all the options, try to change some of them and choose the one that suits your needs.

Excel ROTA Template Features Summary:
Staff Rota Template in Excel
Tracking Working Hours and Shifts of the Employee in Excel
Prepare Rotation Schedule
Full Print Ready
Informational notes included
No installation needed. Ready to use.
Works both on Mac and Windows
Compatible with Excel 2010 and later versions