Reimbursement Form – Expense Template for Employees


Professionally designed, easy to use and printable Expense Reimbursement Form Template. Prepared for company employees. Free to download.

You are the boss of your company. Sometimes your employees are responsible to make out-of-pocket expenses. The classic examples might be business trip, hotel accommodations or any expenses they are spend for business. When your employees send the expense form and gets repaid, it’s a reimbursement.
However those forms are very different from each other, not standard. Thereby, you are not happy with this and want to change it to a professional looking, neat template. Or you are the employee (lets say sales guy) and write expenses regularly. That’s why using an easy to use Reimbursement Form in Excel Template will make your life easier and foster this process. It is printable and free.

Expense Reimbursement Form Excel Template Features:
Reimbursement Form consists of one easy-to-fill worksheet which you can easily type in your data to the blank fields. You can input the employee information and start filling the details of the expenses that has been made on a given day. Do not forget to give a unique Expense Form Number for each.

* Expense payments will be made in the upcoming month, after the expense form is declared.
Once you include the amount of money spent, the template will automatically calculate the total expense of the employee.

Finally, you can add your personal notes to the section at the bottom of the page.

Features Summary:
Professional Employee Expense Form Design
Easy to Fill
Full Print Ready
No installation needed. Ready to Use
Compatible with Excel 2010 and later
Does not include any VBA macros