Receipt Template


Receipt Excel Template has been formed for the companies who would like to automate documentation process easily and quickly!

A receipt is a non-negotiable document that proves the sale of product or service for both parties. As a vendor side, you should prepare a receipt for delivered product/service. Receipt Invoice Template allows you to create an invoice quickly and efficiently in several clicks.

The solution has a great advantage by populating and calculating most of the data related to your business. It will be time saver in every process of your company!

Receipt Template Features:
The basic structure of the template is
By using the navigation buttons at the top of the template, you can easily navigate between these pages.

The invoice page is the main page of the template. Here, you will enter all the data you need in the invoice.

Name, Address and Phone number fields next to the logo, are the sections which you can enter your company data manually. Because your own company information is rarely changed and will be the same for every invoice. Finally, on the right, you can choose a customer from a drop-down list, which you already maintain in the Customer database.
After you choose a customer, all other information about the customer will be automatically populated from the database. Also, in the related cells, you can enter the Receipt number and Payment date.

In the main part of the receipt template – in the table below, you can choose a Product Description from a drop-down list, which is populated from the Product database. Once you choose the product from the drop-down, all other information in the table will come up automatically (Product ID, Unit of measure, Price per unit and Tax rate).
Here, you only need to enter Quantity which you sold to the customer and after the others like Base amount, Tax amount and Total will be calculated according to the fields that you input with amount.

At the very bottom, enter the Discount you would like to apply and it will be included in Total calculation. When you enter all the items in the receipt template, the sum will be appear at the bottom of the Invoice.
Beside the totals, you can enter the Additional notes after the table of items, on the left side.

In the Customer database, you can maintain all customer information, enter the new customer or delete the ones that are not valid anymore. These information will be revealed in the receipt once customer name is chosen.
Similarly to the Customer Database section, you can maintain all the products that your company have in product database. Again the products you input will show up in the Invoice once you choose the Product Description (in the Invoice Tab) from the dropdown button.
Features Summary:
Easy to fill Receipt Excel Template
Product and Customer Database Sections
Calculations for Discount, Tax Rate
Full Print Ready
Informational notes included
No installation needed. Ready to use.
Works both on Mac and Windows
Compatible with Excel 2007 and later versions


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