Random Password and Pincode Generator


With this Random Password and Pincode Generator, you can create a strong password or pin code for all your online accounts. Get them quickly in Excel!

Many people have online accounts on different websites so it might be really hard to remember those passwords for each. Since there are many ways to hack into an account that’s why it is good to know how to strengthen your password is.

There are some points you need to be careful about, such as strong passwords need include characters from each possible group like letters, numbers, and special characters. Thus, it is always a good practice to keep different passwords for each of your accounts to prevent any risk to your professional information safe.
For our comfort, web browsers usually offer safe encoding and keeping our passwords in memory. But, this Random Password Generator will help you with creating a unique new password that meets all your requirements. Besides generating a password, you can test the entropy or strength of your password via this Excel template.

Random Password Generator Excel Template Features:
This Random Password and Pincode Generator help you to create a random password, PIN-code (or list of PIN-codes), and check the strength of your password.

Create a Random Password: After you decide about the length and characters set to be used click “Generate Password“. Your new password will appear in the new password section. Additionally, once you choose your preferences for the password, you can easily see how strong your password will be.

Create Random PIN-code (or list of PIN-codes): Select your options and click the “Generate Pincode” button. By choosing the length of the pin code and the number of pin codes to be generated, you can get up to 30 different Pin-codes.
Check Strength of your Password: On the right-hand side, you can check the strength of your password. After you enter it on the test your own password box, strength evaluation results will appear automatically below. Entropy is the main scale of testing the strength of the password.
Basically, password strength is measured in bits entropy. However, there are some most popular passwords that are easy to crack even if they have high entropy. That’s why this random password and pin code generator tool will be a guide for creating unbreakable or unpredictable passwords.

Features Summary:
Generate Password and Pincode in Excel
Check the strength of the Password and Pincode
No installation needed. Ready to use
Informational Notes included
Works both on Mac and Windows
Compatible with Excel 2010 and later versions
Includes VBA code and macros


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