Profit and Loss Statement Template


This Profit and Loss Statement Template is built in Excel. Includes dashboard, separate database and clean interface. Fully printable and free to download.

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Every business, small or big, works for profit (unless it is a non-profit organization). However, correctly tracking of income statement, profits, revenues, costs can be sometimes frustrating especially if you don’t know where to start with.

Profit and Loss Statement template is prepared solely for this purpose. It is simple but effective P&L template, easy to use and nice looking. Using this tool can help you in this regard to see the big picture.

Profit and Loss Statement Template:
This income statement template consists of 2 main sections:

1. Profit and Loss Dashboard
2. Database

Lets see the details of each of them!

The Profit and Loss Dashboard consists of four simple parts:

Yearly Profit and Loss Statement and Total Expenses and Income Chart,
Monthly Profit and Loss Statement and Expense Details.
You can easily see the required month’s details by clicking on the month cell on the dashboard. You can see all the details of selected the month. Once you select the month you would like to analyze, the page is automatically refreshed and new information shows up instantly.

Just fill the database section of the income statement according to your business information. In this section you will have to input Income, Expenses and Taxes, ONLY in the white blank cells to be able to finalize your profit and loss statement.
Finally, after fulfilling the database with your own accurate data you will be ready to see the results of the analysis on the dashboard.

Both of the page layouts of the sections (the dashboard and the database) has been set to be printed. You can print only the necessary data to get a clean print out. In addition to this, p&l template can be easily customized and modifiable!

Profit and Loss Statement Template Features:
Easy Financial Reporting in Excel
Profit and Loss Dashboard
A must-have for every business
Easy to use Income Statement
Cool dashboard with nice charts and summary tables
Separate database section for keeping the things clean
Print Ready
Compatible with Excel 2010 and later