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Price Quote Template to create Proforma Invoices easily. Export to PDF. Save time with product/service database. Record your past quotes.

In daily business life cycle, companies send a Price Quote or Proforma Invoice prior to the actual completion of the sale. While a simple price quotation serves the same purpose, the pro forma invoice is generally considered to be more formal and professional. Depending on the circumstances, it may be also legally binding. You can use this Excel Quote Template for both purposes.

There are certain elements to be included in a formal price quotation such as item description, prices, terms, date and so on. Most companies use Excel spreadsheets to prepare price quotations and send their customers. If they agree on the terms, they proceed to complete the sale and then Commercial Invoice is needed as a record of the sale.
Why would I need this Excel Quote Template instead of simple ones?
If you are using simple spreadsheet templates to prepare price quotes frequently, this tool may be a perfect fit for the following reasons:

Professional and Well-Structured: A nice looking and neat price quotation is more convincing and improves your company image. It also includes all the necessary elements so that you don’t forget anything.
Save time preparing new quotes: This tool has a separate database section for your products / services which lets you to “select” instead of making inputs every time. You just keep your database section updated and prepare new quotes in 30 seconds!
Record your past quotes: Do you ever wonder what was the price you offered to XYZ customer? Instead of browsing through several documents, they are just recorded in this template. You can later on make analysis and create reports with this data.
This template has many more handy features such as easy Export to PDF, Show / Hide discounts with a button, assigning and recording responsible person who created the quote and so on. All these features are super easy to use and come with on-sheet instructions.

Basically, our templates consist of 3 main sections:

Quote Generator
Product / Service Database
Quotation Records & Tracking
The flow is: Input your product/service info in the database > Create your quotes in the generator section > Analyse your past proforma invoice in the quotation records section.

Create PDF: This creates a temporary PDF as you see your quote on Excel. It makes some controls before creating the PDF like checking unique ID, Date, total amount and so on. When you create PDF, don’t forget to save it to the relevant folder on your computer.

Record Quote Data: This sends the quote data to Tracking section so that you can analyse what / when / how did you quote on certain customers.

Add/Delete Rows: This button adds new rows or deletes the existing ones in the invoice.

Show Discounts: Discount field is optional and sometimes you may want to hide it if there is no discount on item level. This button switches Discount column.

Reset Form: This button deletes all the existing information on the quote, refreshes formulas and makes it ready for a new quote. Use with caution.

Company Logo: This is a dummy logo. You can easily replace this one with your own.

Quote ID: You should use Quote ID for recording the quotes into Tracking Section. In order to be able to distinguish the separate quotes from each other, you should use Unique Quote ID on each quote you create. You can either write Quote ID manually at the top section into the form OR click the “Auto Generate” button to create a new ID quickly (you can also change prefix)

Responsible Person: Responsible Person will be recorded to tracking section to be able to follow who gave the quote later on. You can add/remove people list at Dashboard section.

Products / Services Section: You can select your Product/Service items from the drop-downs when you click on the first row under Description. All relevant info will appear automatically according to the data you input into Database section. You can change the Amount values specific to the current quote (don’t worry about formulas as they will be recreated when you Reset Form). Currency is defined at Dashboard.

Instructions: You can show / hide instructions from the switcher at the top right section.

Show / Hide Total Discount Selector: You can Show or Hide Total Discount with this selector. The tool will automatically calculate the discount you input here by subtracting from the total quote amount.

Show / Hide VAT Selector: You can Show or Hide VAT here with this selector shown below. The tool will automatically calculate also the amount of VAT you input and add the total amount.
Bank Information: This is an optional field which you can input your company bank info such as SWIFT code, IBAN, Account No and so on. You can hide this section if you don’t want to show it on your Proforma Invoice. (hidden in the image above)

Clickable Info Links in the PDF: This is a unique feature of this template. It is a perfect method to send product links from your website in your price quotation. So, your customer will be able to look at the details without asking you each item. If you put the links at Info column in database, they will appear in your price quotation.
If you don’t want to use product links, you can put any other info to this column or leave empty.

Unit – Unit Price – Currency: These info will appear automatically in your quotation when you select the relevant item while preparing your proforma invoice as shown below. A great time saver!

Unit and Currency is defined at Dashboard in order to ensure data consistency throughout your workbook.

This section helps you to collect your customer information in the database. After you add all of your customer’s information, you can select your customer from the dropdown button on the customer info section inside the proforma invoice.
All this information comes from Quote Generator. Every time you create a new price quote and click the record button, the tool informs that you recorded the quote data to the tracking section as shown below:
This is really useful if you want to keep track of your quotes, responsible person who gave the quote, prices you offered and so on.

Unique Excel Template to create professional Price Quotes
Works both on Mac and Windows
No installation needed. Ready to use.
User friendly Proforma Invoice section
Export to PDF feature
Full Print Ready
White Label
Database section for faster quote preparation
Tracking section for quote records
On Sheet Instructions
Compatible with Excel 2007 and later versions


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