Network Diagram Template


Create Network Diagrams interactively with one click! Dynamic and customizable shapes included. Rearrange and save positions of elements in Excel.

A network diagram template, or network topology diagram, can be used to visually demonstrate the network of a system. It helps the users to understand the system elements and the relationship between them. Shapes or icons increase the ease of displaying the connections.
It is a powerful yet easy-to-use tool and our Network Diagram Excel Template already has a ready-made Shapes/Icons catalog. To give you further flexibility, you have the option to grow the catalog with new icons and shapes.

The best in this tool is that you can adapt it to other purposes and use according to your needs. You can:

create loop dependencies
add multiple connections
use shapes as well as pictures
use smart fit to grid function that will remember all the positions of the elements
use interactive buttons to add more elements
customize settings to your preference
all the shapes can be standardized, simplified
Network Diagram Template Features
This Excel template allows you to create a Network Diagram in two ways:

Input all your data into the table and then create a network diagram based on the data input.
Visually create a network diagram using the interactive buttons and shapes without filling the data table.
Both of those methods are connected, so if you make changes in the table, they are reflected in the graph. On the other hand, the changes you directly execute in the chart will show up in the table too.

With additional settings (buttons), the Excel template allows you to customize your network diagram according to your needs.

In the advanced settings part of the template, you can rearrange the diagram settings. Such as: distance measures for the shapes and icons, the width and height of each shape/box and label/main font sizes.
Furthermore, here you can customize your diagram further by setting the colors for connector, shape and font. By using the dropdown options, you can decide on the connector and shape types. As well as the chart style: whether icons or shapes!
The connector selection allows you to set the element style to connect the boxes. In addition, you can select the shape type (circle, rectangle, or rounded) and colors (one color set or many colors).

If you wish to have one color, you can also choose the default color from the given options on the dropdown menu. In addition, you may customize the color to your liking after generating the network diagram.

Network Diagram Template Buttons
Shapes List
The network diagram maker has an additional sheet dedicated to the components catalogue. Here you may find already existing shapes and icons list. In addition, you can add new ones and rename them!

Export Button: Choose the format using scroll buttons on the right and export your network diagram. You may export to JPG, PDF and PNG.

Draw: If you input, add, or change any data in the data table, use this button to generate or re-generate your network diagram.

Clear: Clear button deletes the diagram, in the second step it asks if you also want to clear the table. So you can start to build your diagram from the beginning.

There are two options in terms of clearing, you will clear the diagram with the first click. And then if you click yes the input table will be cleared too.
Fix: Makes sure all connections are in place after changes. If you delete or disconnect some of the connectors or move the shapes in another spot. It will bring connectors back to the optimal position.

Fit to Grid: Being a very useful function, this button can be used for the template to memorize your placement settings. Even after redraw, the positions will be fit to your choice.

Reset: Reverses the previous setting of “fit to grid”.

Add Parent: Parents are the main elements, the roots of the diagram. Click to add one.

Add Node: To add a new node you need to first select its parent and then click the button.
Network Diagram Template Features Summary:
Add elements and connections to your network diagram
Ability to use both shapes and icons
Interactive design, flexible and customizable shapes
Informational notes included
No installation needed, ready-to-use
Works both on Mac and Windows
Compatible with Excel 2010 and later versions
Includes VBA code and macros