Monthly Employee Timesheet


Employee Timesheet Template for tracking rates and hours worked. Includes full calendar for the year you want!

Following every employee’s payments, the number of worked hours, allowance, remuneration and recording these all these info in a monthly timesheet correctly for each employee is big work. And doing it every week/month on a regular basis is no fun at all! However, this job is a very important part of daily businesses and should be done without any errors. So, somebody has to do it! We have prepared this Excel Employee Timesheet Template at least to make this process a bit smoother for you.

This tool lets you record the rates and number of hours worked for every separate calendar day and calculates you the necessary payment amounts.
You can also record the rates for standard hours and overtime hours separately. In the dashboard, you will see the monthly trends of payments together with easy navigation to each month details.

Monthly Employee Timesheet Template Features:
The template is constructed by 2 main sections:

Months (Jan, Feb, Mar…)
Dashboard is designed to give you an overview of the total payment amounts and the other information you care most. This section lets you monitor the Total Pay Month to Month graph and select the month you would like to get quick analysis.
In Months section, the timesheet template will automatically calculate Weekly Total amount you need to pay, once you input your employees Standard and Overtime Hours. At the left hand side, you will see a hourly rate table that we used for the automatic calculations to provide Total Pay.

Meanwhile, put your companies hourly rate and type in the hours your employees worked.
Features Summary:
Monthly timesheet template for tracking rates and working hours
Easy to use timesheet tracker for human resources departments
Full calendar for any year you want!
Dashboard view with a chart for payment trends and month details
Clear on sheet instructions
Compatible with Excel 2007 and later versions.
Does not include VBA macros