Invoice Template


Professional looking and printable Invoice Template with automation features. Keep your customer database and create your invoice easily.

Preparing an invoice and send it to customer each time will be harder when you are in the midst of number of stuff. Even if you have a standard format in your company, filling the customer/supplier information needs to be done carefully. If you are looking for an Invoice Template with some unique features, this Excel Sheet will save your time along with unique database feature!

Excel Invoice Template Features:
Even if the template seems to have only single worksheet, you will find one more section to edit your customer info. Put your customers and next time you create an invoice, just select from the drop-down menus. Once you do that, all the information you put for that customer, will show up on the Invoice.

As easy as it sounds!
You can also select the units, tax rate and discounts according to your regional standards. You can switch the dropdown easily to other tax rates.

When you input your specific info, all the rest will be calculated automatically for you. Excel Invoice Template is fully printable and it is also easy to export to PDF and send to your customers. (If you need to track several invoices, check out our Invoice Tracker)

Features Summary:
Easy-to-fill Free Invoice Template in Excel
Professional design
Separate customer database
Drop down menus for easy selection of existing customers
Tax rate, discount and units selection
Print Ready
No-installation needed
Compatible with Excel 2010 and later
Works on both Windows and Mac


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