GAP Analysis Template


GAP Analysis Template will identify current situation for potential growth of your company. Editable Gap Identification and Priority Status with visual charts.

Before the development of operational processes, every business should set their goals according to their condition, power and situation. Gap identification leads productivity while you are setting your goals or objectives for your potential growth.

You should ask these 3 important questions in this process:

Where are we know ?
Where/What would we like to be ?
What is the best decision to close the gap between the current state and desired state?

Gap Analysis Excel Template will describe your objective, current state, desired state, gap description, priority and corrective actions. Meanwhile, it is a brief summary of a plan which could make the company reach its goals.
In other words, it is an examination of your current performance to clarify the gap between your desired state and your current state.

You can use this Gap Analysis format in Excel to identify your current state and desired state to be able to close the gap between those two performances.

It involves a systematic plan of series to be able to achieve what you desire. Because it is prepared for you to complete the analysis according to your situation.

In addition to this, the visual illustrations of Priority and Gap identification make it easier to determine the most important topics to less and if the problems are identified or not.
If you also would like to add more objectives or goals to have a much bigger goal, you may use the “+” sign in the template, to get more additional rows.

The graph of Distribution of Priority Status and Amount of Gap Identified automatically sets itself, right after you input their Priority Status and Gap Identification.
The template itself, also includes some side notes which may help you to enhance your analysis.You can customize the Priority and Gap identification options according to your preferences.
Finally, you may write your professional opinion at the bottom of the template to the Analysis Summary & Evaluation Notes part as an additional note.

Simple Gap Analysis template
Gap Identification with Visual Charts
Professional design for presentations
Full Print Ready
Informational notes included
No installation needed. Ready to use.
Works both on Mac and Windows
Compatible with Excel 2007 and later versions