Expense Analysis Dashboard


This Excel Template makes the Expense Analysis easy for SMB owners. Printable and professional looking dashboard reports supported with charts.

Companies do have many different types of expenses. And they not only make budget planning for revenues and incomes but also plan expected expenses for the future. This Expense Analysis Dashboard lets you record monthly target and actual cost and make comparisons to see the target realization percentages in Excel.

Basically the template consists of 3 main sections:

Estimated Expense
Actual Expense
Business expense dashboard view has different reports in which you can select the categories, sub-categories and months. Once you put your monthly estimated and actual expenses to the other sections, you may carry on the Dashboard and see the Difference Amount Trend by category and comparison between Estimated and Actual.

It also lets the user pull a specific category and see the sub details for it:
After you specified the start month, the following months will be automatically sorted until it completes a full-year period.

In Estimated section you may record the cost that your business may probably achieve beforehand. Once you put your company expenses and the category for each of them, you will be able to input monthly assumptions of the items.
Finally, you can input the actual amount you spend or paid for a specific expense category. It is highly important to have accurate information to see the overview of the analysis for your business.
t is printable and ready to be used in presentations and reports.

Expense Analysis Dashboard – Excel Template Features:
Expense reporting tool in Excel
Dashboard view with many different reporting options
Includes pivot tables of expense category details
Clear on sheet instructions
Compatible with Excel 2007 and later versions.
Includes VBA macros. (don’t forget to enable macros when you open the tool)