Excel Timeline Maker


Create a timeline in Excel! This interactive template allows you to make simple but functional charts. Print the timeline you created with one click.

A timeline graph is used for displaying the sequence of events during time periods. Besides that, it is mostly preferred to show the order of historical events or the events you have gone through within a certain period.
This timeline maker is a spreadsheet that allows you to create a timeline that contains both single-day and time-range events. There are other reasons to use this timeline, one of them is organizing your work and keep your tasks in order. Another reason why people use this template is for future plans. In addition, you can show the order of events in time such as a historical timeline.

Let’s have a look at how easy it is to make your timeline milestone chart in Excel!

Excel Timeline Maker Features:
In this timeline chart, there are two main sections; Data Input and Timeline.

Data Input:
This section is the starting point to create a timeline. It allows you to input the name of events or jobs and set the date or time range. Then, you can adjust the settings of the timeline appearance such as the scale of the boxes, text size, direction ( horizontal or vertical ), etc.

You should input the event name, start and end date respectively. After that, the tool will generate the timeline graph immediately with one button click “ Draw Timeline“.
You can assign multiple events to the same date. The timeline template will show those events using additional lines and separate shapes in the same alignment. Besides that, you can show long-lasting events overlapping each other. The template uses the available area for showing those events.
In addition, you can add an icon to each of the events or just some. We have prepared a catalog for you to see all available icons. You can select the icon name from the dropdown button on the icon column. But, of course, it is optional to add.

Besides that, you can also change the name of the icons as well as the icons themselves. You just need to always put the icon inside the related cell of the icons list.

In the options section, you can define all the parameters of the shapes such as size, color themes, or distance between shapes including the dates. Besides that, you can also set the font size of the dates and events.
The direction selection on the settings menu allows you to decide the alignment of the timeline. You can draw a horizontal or vertical timeline according to your needs. All those options can be readjusted.

On the dashboard section, there are four buttons for navigation. You can create a fresh timeline, or you can go to the latest drawn one. Likewise, you can completely clear the table and the existing timeline or go to the icons section.
Once you create a timeline, you will be able to edit it manually in case you want to change it. The existing timeline is completely editable. It allows you to move the shapes and stretch the lines. The lines which are automatically created by the template itself will follow the movement of the shapes, they will extend and shrink accordingly.
On the timeline sheet, there are three buttons to select the document type in which you would like to export your timeline. These buttons are export to PDF, JPG, or PNG. You can select the best option for you with one button click.

Excel Timeline Maker Features Summary:
Create a historical timeline in Excel
Informational notes included
No installation needed. Ready to use.
Works both on Mac and Windows
Compatible with Excel 2010 and later versions
Includes VBA code and macros