Excel Mortgage Calculator


Excel Home Mortgage Calculator automatically calculates interest amortization, monthly fixed fee and remaining loan balance with charts.

Buying our house is one of the most critical decisions we give in our lives. It is great to have our own house but this also puts us in a long term commitment of payments. So, before giving our decisions it is a good idea to make our plans to see the future payments for the credit we will take. This Excel Home Mortgage Calculator helps you to calculate your loan payments supported with some charts.

Excel Home Mortgage Calculator Features:
This tool is prepared with macros. So, all you need to do is to put your loan amount, interest rate and the number of years you plan to pay back the credit.

Firstly, on Dashboard fill in the settings options according to your own case. Then click on “Calculate” button and tool will automatically list down the loan payments.
In addition to this Dashboard has some graphs to present a visual situation of your payments. These are;

Trend of Debts and Paid Up Capital
Monthly Payment rate shows your Interest Paid, Capital Paid and Remaining Balance
Payment Percentage
Mortgage Calculator will automatically calculate the interest amortization, monthly fixed fee and remaining balance. Don’t forget to check at least a few combinations until you find the most suitable option according to your own situation.

Features Summary:
Home Mortgage Amortization Calculator in Excel
Future payments of your loan
Automatically calculates the interest amortization, monthly fixed fee, and remaining balance
Clear on sheet instructions
Nice dashboard design with charts
Compatible with Excel 2007 and later versions.
Includes VBA macros. (don’t forget to enable macros when you open the tool)