Excel Formulas Training Kit


Excel Test worksheet for training Excel skills. Stop watching videos. Learn VLOOKUP, IF and many more excel formulas by doing.

How comfortable are you with Excel? You know the basic functions that you’re familiar with to solve practical problems in your workplace.

So it’s all great to know what a formula/function does and how to use it, but when it comes to address a certain problem or present data in a meaningful way – you might stumble.

In fact, Excel requires a highly hands-on experience to master on it. You do not need to watch online courses for countless hours. Understanding a problem and display a solution is the real test of your proficiency in Excel.

So why not start at the source?

Our training kit will provide you with different real-world Excel problems (no matter what industry you’re in) to develop yourself with Excel Formulas and Functions. You can both learn and practice most used Excel Formulas in Excel!

How does it work?
In this spreadsheet, there are different levels which leads you to step by step.
Each level has problems you need to solve and the tool will guide you on how to approach this problem.
Stuck in a question? In each question page, there are buttons at the top which leads you website with detailed explanation for each function.
Full training kit consists of beginner, medium and advanced level questions. 30 sections and around 100 questions involved within the kit:

Full Module – Covered Excel Functions
1. Basic Math Operators 11. VLOOKUP Function 21. Advanced VLOOKUP Function
2. SUM Function 12. IF Function 22. IF – AND Combinations
3. COUNT Function 13. COUNTIF Function 23. IF – OR Combinations
4. AVERAGE Function 14. SUMIF Function 24. Nested IFs
5. MAX and MIN Functions 15. IS Functions 25. MATCH Function
6. Date Functions 16. CONCATENATE Function 26. INDEX Function
7. LEN Function 17. HLOOKUP Function 27. MID and SEARCH Function
8. COUNTA Function 18. RIGHT and LEFT Functions 28. OFFSET Function
9 ROUND Function 19. RAND Function 29. INDIRECT Function
10. SUMPRODUCT Function 20. IFERROR Function 30. ARRAY Formulas
Get the training kit that makes you master all of these functions with real-life examples. It is a unique workbook that contains Excel formulas problems which is design to teach you the most common actions of Excel.
While working on these functions, sometimes you may need help. We also provide you videos to understand the concept of formula and best-practices to use it. The videos are prepared by Onur YILMAZ, the national winner of Microsoft Excel Championship!
Clear instructions and web links are included so that the user is able to learn the functions by himself/herself which he/she doesn’t know already.
Questions are to the point and quite well prepared in terms of functionality. Tested so many times with professional users.
Multi-language formulas supported.
Excel Formulas Training Template Features:
Unique product for training purposes 30 sections with 100 questions
Practice Excel Test Modules
Nice design and easy to use navigation
Nice dashboard with progress meters
Multi-language formulas supported
Clear on sheet instructions (with turn on/off function)
Full Print Ready
Includes web links for detailed explanation for all functions
Works on both Windows and Mac
Compatible with Excel 2010 and later
No installation needed. Ready to use.