Excel CRM Template


Excel CRM Template will allow you to track your tasks and their status, manage customer relations, and schedule your appointments and meetings!

Customer Relationship Management is always a crucial part of your business to build long-lasting relationships with your customers since it helps to create and improve customer loyalty. It is one of the main factors of a company’s revenue. Our CRM template in Excel will help you to grow your sales, increase customer retention, and plan your future moves.
Excel CRM Template Features:
Our CRM template will help you to track your tasks, schedule your work, and remember about all your appointments and meetings using Excel as a CRM. The template contains four sections with data input and dashboard/statistics to analyze your data.

This section is where you define all your settings, set up your process steps, and input your sales agents. Specifying the settings is a very important step to start work with the template. Additionally, to get a clear demonstration in the Process Pipeline section, you can give specific colors according to the level of task importance you entered. By determining the lead statuses, it will be easy to observe all current situations of the works that you have.
This section is the database that involves your customers or leads information. By filling the Status column, you can easily track your current and potential customers at the same time. Additionally, this address book helps you to keep contact information related to your leads, prospects, and customers.
After you fill the necessary parts in the previous sections, it will be easy to make your plans and assign them to one of the customers from your address book. In the Define Task section, you can create a task and write short information about the goal of that task. You can set it as open when the task is active or close when you want to deactivate.
If you select an active option for the task in the Define tasks section, you can reach the task here. Tasks and Process Records section helps you to follow up on created tasks. You can take notes, plan meetings, and define the next steps by filling the Stage column. Remember to add a date next to each action. Furthermore, any time you can filter the list by the task ID or a responsible sales agent.
In the CRM Template, there are created a few helpful output tools based on all your previous inputs.

In this section, you can see all waiting tasks in the form of Kanban cards. You can filter specific tasks by their attributes like importance, lead source, customer, or responsible salesperson.
You can also track similar information in the form of a calendar. That way it will be easy to follow your appointments and set your other plans by displaying the spare times you have.

The last two sections are in the form of a dashboard showing graphically all the actions and results. At the same time, these sections allow monitoring salesman performances and control process flow results.
In this section, you can analyze consolidated data per each of your sales agents and compare their work occupancy. All of the charts can be filtered by date and sales agent.
In this section, you can process all flow analysis. Additionally, the charts can be filtered by date, closed, or open tasks. You will be able to see where are you losing most of your leads/tasks and what is a source of most of your clients.
Excel CRM Template Features Summary:
Manage all your customer relations
CRM System in spreadsheet
Observe tasks in a Chart and in the form of Kanban boards
Informational notes included
No installation needed. Ready to use.
Works both on Mac and Windows
Compatible with Excel 2013 and later versions
Does not include any VBA macros


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