Employee Time Tracker and Payroll Template


Free payroll template for Employee Time Tracking in Excel. For Business owners and HR departments as a simple timesheet.

If you are a small business owner or human resources professional you may find yourself keeping several Excel files. Noting down employees’ worked hours and calculating payment amounts… Since money is involved, this process should be done very carefully. We have prepared this free payroll template to make time tracking and payment calculations easier.

Just input your employees, daily wages, and days they worked/not worked. The template will give you a summary of the total payments and salary of each employee for that month and year. You can manage the timesheet with easy drop-down boxes while color-coding makes it easier to follow.

Employee Time Tracker Payroll Template Features:
It is advised to start with the settings sheet as in this sheet you will define information such as employee name, contact info, job, daily rates ($). In addition, the settings sections allow you to create your own labeling by letting you input the status, sign for that status, paid/non-paid options and payment percentage. Your input in this section later on will be needed in the dashboard to easily create payrolls.
After completing the settings part by quick data input, you may navigate to the dashboard sheet and start by selecting the relevant month and year from the header dropdowns. Following that, choose your employees and their jobs from the dropdown menu from the previously defined status. Once you select the work status for each day you desire your employee time tracker will be completed. Remember that on the dropdown menu, you will see the ‘sign’ you have defined in the settings section!
We have left tax laws and regulations out of this payroll template’s scope. Because tax rates and rules change from country to country. But you can add taxes on top of the template’s output.

Employee Time Tracker Payroll Template Features Summary:
Clean dashboard design
Free Excel Payroll Template
Monthly employee time tracking
Quick Analysis of Payroll Calculation
Easy to use with dropdown menus and color coding
No installation needed, ready to use, print Ready
Compatible with Excel 2007 and later versions
Works both on Mac and Windows
Does not include VBA code or Macros