Daily Activity Tracker


This Excel spreadsheet is prepared as an Activity Tracker to follow and record time spent on each activity in your daily life. Fun to use and free to download.

Tracking your daily activities gives you feedback on your regular life routines and allows you to keep motivated while you are wishing to have new one. Think about your 24 hours; you do lots of things like reading books, sports, shopping, sleeping, sex 😉 Wouldn’t it be cool to record all these in an Daily Activity Tracker template and check later on your averages?

This template is prepared for this purpose. Just you need to do is entering the time you spent on each activity, and then see the trends, comparisons on a nice dashboard.

Daily Activity Tracker Template Features:
The template has 2 main parts which you can see your overview routines – Dashboard and enter your activity details – Database.

At the top of the Dashboard you will be able to see Total Hours spent for each activity you type in the Database. Here hours and days you spent for the activities will be calculated automatically.
The other tables visualize Monthly Activity Distribution and Activity Trend and these are designed to show specific Months and Activity you would like to see in detail. Once you select, the graphs will be updated accordingly.
When you first start Database section, use + signs to see Months details and input the hours you spent for each of them. The template will sum up of the months and reflect the changes to dashboard according to your inputs.

Features Summary:
Easy to use Daily Tracker
Lots of Activity Types. You won’t miss anything.
Cool dashboard with summary charts, monthly trend and distribution
Personal Activity Tracker with separate database section
Easy navigation
Full Print Ready
Compatible with Excel 2007 and later


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