COVID-19 Employee Health Tracker


COVID-19 Employee Health Tracker keeps an eye on employee health status, timesheet and workplace convenience during the pandemic. In Excel.

Nowadays, people encounter COVID-19 disease in all around the world. During this coronavirus pandemic, most of the organizations from each scale try to comply with the new normal working conditions. To preventing the spread of the COVID-19, organizations must take some precautions and apply regulations. One of the most common ones is tracking your employee’s health during coronavirus.
This COVID-19 Employee Health Tracker Template helps you to track employee’s daily health status, specify the employee timesheet during the pandemic and check compliance of the workplaces with the health regulations of government for COVID-19 working conditions.

COVID-19 Employee Health Tracker Features:
On the Dashboard, you will see all the analysis via charts and visual demonstrations. With the dropdown buttons for date selection, there is no time limitation for using this template. With the employee list on the left side, you will follow employee names that will work for the date selection you made easily. This tool is constructed of four sections: Tracking Sheet, Employee Timesheet, Control Checklist, and Settings.
Tracking Sheet:
In this section, you can enter the employee’s daily health status during coronavirus days. The date column allows you to enter an unlimited period for recording employee temperature. After you measure the employee fever, you can input the value inside the Temperature column. Once you enter the employee name and temperature, the department and the risk level of that employee will be displayed automatically. In the tracking sheet, there are columns for entering additional information for the employee to check if they are suitable for the working conditions or must be observed.
Employee Timesheet:
In this section, you will be able to track your employee’s working hours in a week and total working days in a month. The date of this timesheet can be specified from the Dashboard section. According to the date you select, the calendar will be updated automatically. Once you select the employee name the department of that person will be filled. You can remark the days that the employee will work via selecting “x” symbols from the dropdown button.
Control Checklist:
In this section, you can enter your list that has to be controlled regularly. There is also an explanation column to enter detailed information. You can specify the priority of the item as low, medium, and high. In that way, you can follow the most important ones which have to be applied in the workplace to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. The last column helps you to see the checked or unchecked items, if you see no inside this column it means that you should check something urgently to providing safe workplaces for your employees.
In the settings section, you should specify the departments on your organization/company as a first step. After that, you can enter all the employee’s name, their personal information, and select the department that they are working in. Furthermore, you can also make some arrangements from the settings part such as specifying risk level ranges or temperature units that you are using.
COVID-19 Employee Health Tracker Features Summary:
Tracking Employee Health during COVID-19 in Excel
Full Print Ready
Informational notes included
No installation needed. Ready to use.
Works both on Mac and Windows
Compatible with Excel 2010 and later versions


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