Cash Flow Statement Template


Cash Flow Statement Template will assist you to create your cash flow statement with an accurate insight of your business profitability!

One of the “big three” financial statements for any business, cash flow statement provides an important perspective to the company’s financial reports. Because accrual-based financial performance metrics, such as profit and loss, return on investments or return on equity say little about how well a company manages its cash position.

Thus, when evaluating the company’s financial health, it’s crucial to look at its cash flows, as well as profit metrics. So that, Cash Flow Statement Template provides you simple guidance to produce your company’s cash flow statement.
The cash flow statement template consists of three sheets:

Input sheet where you can enter monthly information about sale revenues, payments, loans and other cash transactions;
Dashboard which helps to visualize your financial information;
Auto-generated print form of the cash flow statement.
Basically, the flow of the template is :
Now let’s see these 3 sections in detail.

Cash flow statement highlights three aspects of cash transactions: operating, investing and financing. Here, for each month, you will input the amounts of cash receipts and payments into relevant sections:
Operating cash flows are those resulting from trading activities such as producing, buying and selling goods, providing services. It also shows the paying wages and salaries, paying rent, and performing other routine duties in the course of business.
Investing cash flows are those resulting from purchase and sale of cash-generating assets, such as property, plant and equipment, debt and equity securities; providing loans to other business entities and individuals.
Financing cash flows result from receiving and repaying loans and paying interest on them. It also shows issuing and redeeming equity and paying dividends to shareholders. Lastly, its conclusive metric is called ‘Net cash flow’, calculated as total cash proceeds less total outlays.
Dashboard will present your cash flow performance with different charts on it.
Using it, you will be able to visualize the dynamics and structure of cash proceeds and payments.

Easy Financial Reporting in Excel
Cash transactions: Operating, Investing and Financing
Dashboard with charts
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Works both on Mac and Windows
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Compatible with Excel 2007 and later versions
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