Break Even Analysis Template


Excel Break Even Analysis Template will help you identify right assumptions to be profitable and decide if your startup is reasonable or not!

Feasibility studies is the backbone of the startup companies. Beyond your vision, it is your revenue and cost assumptions which will be shaping the company Finally you can refresh the table by pressing the “REFRESH” button on the board. Whenever you make any changes in the data click on this button. The Break Even Analysis Excel Template will visualize all your assumptions to provide a clear overview about your companies situation.

Once the correctly estimated values are input, dashboard displays:

Line Graph of the company financials,
Cost Distribution Chart of the Company (in terms of Startup costs, Fixed costs and Variable costs.)
Finally the Bar Chart of the Break Even Analysis will show up to be able to find out when to expect positive accounting profit.
Lastly, Financial Summary table in the dashboard displays the properties of the particular month. Just click and choose the necessary period on the number of “Period“.
Break Even Analysis Excel Template Features Summary:
Easy Financial Reporting in Excel
Expandable Months Period
Professional design for presentations
Full Print Ready
No installation needed.
Ready to use.
Works both on Mac and Windows
Compatible with Excel 2007 and later versionsthat you are planning to establish. It is hard to estimate when to get a positive cumulative profit. So a defined and determined plan could be a nice helper in this journey.

Break Even Analysis Template will provide a visual illustration of the estimated company properties with the right assumptions could help you to decide if it is reasonable or not.

Break Even Analysis Template Features:
A Break Even Analysis template is a tool to mainly identify the amount of cash inflow and outflow during the following periods and much more. Basically it consists two main parts:
Financial Statements
The only thing that you have to do is input your own data and find out how to price, how much to produce, when to expect a positive accounting profit. After putting the data in the white rows, the template will calculate your revenues, total cost and net profit automatically in order to give the result of your companies’ Cumulative Balance.

**Do not type in or delete anything in the gray areas to provide automatic calculations and should NOT be manually changed.