Brazil Geographic Heat Map Generator


Unique Excel Template to create Brazil Heat Map instantly. Enter your own data in the template and colored Brazil states get ready automatically.

Geographic heat map is a favorite method for data visualisation/presentation of geographical values. While presenting those values, we use colour sets and shades in order to show individual data points. If you are interested to create a Brazil Geographic Heat Map, this Excel Template is for you!

Why Do We Use Heat Maps In Order To Present Data Sets?
In today’s modern world, we’re much more attached to data and information than we were yesterday. On the other hand, as technology improves, we became more capable to reach more data which are ready to be presented. But the more data we have, the easier and smarter ways we have to find out in order to tell them to our audience. For this reason, data presentation and visualisation through geographic heat maps has become an effective solution for telling and reading sophisticated data sets.

Thanks to heat maps, your audience is able to read and understand clearly, what you are trying to tell. Furthermore, it is definitely more professional and smarter to use heat maps for your presentations instead of presenting a set of raw data. Take a look how it looks:
We use geographic heat maps in various areas. Especially, business world is frequently making use of this effective data visualisation method for their daily reports and presentations. As we all know, another area where geo heat maps are popular is meteorology science. Sociology, economics, politics, medicine are other fields that we use geo heat maps.

How To Create A Geographic Heat Map?
Unfortunately, it is not so easy to create a geographic density map from scratch. The development of this tool in Excel consists of 4 main parts:

Create/Gather Visual Assets
Set up the Data Table and Name Shapes
Create the Legend and Color Scale
Automate with VBA
As you see, it takes a lot of time and effort to make a heat map on your own. Therefore, we have created ready-to-use geo heat maps for continents, countries and cities, in Excel. Geographic Heat Map of Brazil States at region level is one of these heat map templates.

In 3 basic steps your Brazil Heat Map gets ready:

Step: Paste/Type your data from your own spreadsheet
Step: Choose your limits for data ranges
Step: Choose your color set and click the button!
You will see that heat map of Brazil States gets generated automatically within minutes!

Brazil Heat Map Generator Excel Template Features:
Fully editable Geographic Map of Brazil including 27 states
Easy to use and nice design
5 Premade color sets to choose from (you can even modify as you wish)
Export to PDF feature
Clear on sheet instructions (with turn on/off function)
Print Ready
Includes VBA code and macros
Compatible with Excel 2007 and later
On-sheet instructions in the template will guide you while using the template. We have used population data just for illustration but you can easily put your own data and prepare your heat map:
You can print the results or export to PDF as you like.

Template offers 5 different color palettes to choose from. Additionally, you can change the colors and choose from your own defined palettes: