Automated Floor Plan Template


Create a floor plan in Excel template! This tool is the easiest way of creating a layout plan for places like your home, office, or restaurant.

Have you ever tried to create a floor plan in Excel before?

Our Floor Plan Template is the first available spreadsheet that can help you with that issue in Excel! You can create a floor layout plan with this template easily in a few seconds.

Excel Automated Floor Plan Template Features:
The floor plan will be created automatically on the squared page which is separated for the drawing area. You don’t have to make any manual adjustments on this part. According to the selections you made on the table, the shapes will appear automatically when you click the Draw button on the top.

Let’s have a look at each feature in detail.

Current Position:
This part shows the starting point coordinates of the cell you have selected inside the drawing area. If you select a range inside the squared area instead of one cell, you can see again the X, Y units of the starting point in the current position box. The main point is to determine the coordinates of the starting point to create shapes, walls, items, etc.
The one square cell dimension is already set previously in floor plan template. However, if you want to change the scale of the page, you can manually readjust the one square size as width and height. There is a possibility that scaling will not be extremely accurate.

You need to remember the smallest length is equal to the size of one square block.
Let us use an example to explain it clearly. For example, you set the one square as 20 cm X 20 cm. So, if you would like to draw an element that has a smaller size (10 cm x10 cm) from the one square size you have set before, the template will just capable of drawing an element with the min size of one square. Because it recognizes the min size (20 cm x 20 cm) as you set on the square dimension table.
Besides that, if you want to reset or change the dimension of one square, the template will update the drawing area with the new scale.

Table (to set all drawing elements):
Each element that you would like to place in the floor plan must be described in the table first. The first five-column is mandatory to be able to create the shapes. You have to fill in the Name, Dimensions ( H as height, W as width), and Start Position columns. The X and Y coordinates for the start position column can be taken from the “current position” box.
If you leave the color and line column empty, a regular black line will be used as a default. Besides that, in the line column of the style section, there is one option called “circle” that allows you to draw circles. There are six more line types to select such as regular, dash-dot, crossed…

Setups :
Additionally, you can save the floor plan you have already drawn by using the Save Preset button. The template allows you to save up to 60 plans.

If you would like to create a new one without losing the plan you previously created, you should save it first. After that, you can turn it back on later when you want to work on it. Besides that, you can reload all the presets you saved previously and continue to work. All you need to do is finding the name of the plan from the dropdown button and click the Load Preset button.
Main buttons:
There are 3 main buttons on the top of the floor plan template.

Draw: Once you fill the table with the items you would like to place in the plan. Please click the draw button to see it immediately on the squared page. You can also redraw or change your existing elements or add new objects, items, etc. But, please do not forget to click the draw button again every time you made any changes.
Clear: This button has two steps. The first is to clear just the drawing area and shapes. After that, you will see a pop-up asking you if you also want to remove all the elements from the table. So, you can keep continuing to work on the existing table to create another plan.
Add / Remove Names: You can display or remove the name of the elements with this button.
If you want to move the elements you have previously created to different positions, just click the cell that you want to move and overwrite the X, Y coordinates in the table. Please do not forget to click the draw button to reflect the changes to the plan. The position of the shapes you would like to move stays unchanged until you click the button.

We suggest following the instructions and product tutorial video until you totally figure out how you can use all the features. Additionally, you can hide the instructions with one button once you got familiar with the excel square cells, borders, and lines.

Floor Plan Template Features Summary:
Drawing floor plans in Excel
Create room, office, or restaurant layout
Full print ready
Informational notes included
No installation needed. Ready to use.
Works both on Mac and Windows
Includes VBA code or macros
Compatible with Excel 2010 and later versions


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