Assistant Checklist


Assistant Checklist is a clean and easy to use To Do List for busy people. Recommended for secretaries and assistants. Fully printable and free to download.

You are the boss. You have a busy life. In the midst of lots of things to do, you always need to know what exactly your duties and what should be done. Wouldn’t it be nice to categorize these and see easily at a glance? This is a simple but very useful Assistant Checklist designed for this purpose. Just use yourself or give this to your assistant.
Assistant Checklist Template Features:
First of all, before start to filling the sheet, input your company information.

The framework has 4 different sections to record Callers, Appointments, Today’s To-Do and Important Reminders for the company. For Callers and Appointments type down the information like time, name-surname, phone number and the location of appointment.
The other tables for the things to do and reminders have an option to switch the dropdown Done, Not Done or Pending regarding the status of jobs.

And every day keep the records in this. Template is fully printable and easy to export to PDF, in case you need hard copies. We guess you will like it.

Features Summary:
Easy to use, one sheet Assistant Checklist Template
Nice design and ready to use
Different sections for Callers, Appointments, To-Dos and Reminders
Print Ready
Compatible with Excel 2010 and later
Works on both Mac and Windows
No installation needed.