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You are running a website and planning to place some Google AdSense ads in order to make some money. Great, but you want to know how much AdSense revenue or Adsense Estimated Earnings will you make with these ads, right? You are not alone. This is the most popular question regarding Google AdSense.

How much money can you make with Google AdSense?
Even though it is a simple calculation, it depends on many factors like your traffic, industry, visitor behaviour, number of ads and so on. You may know some of these metrics by looking at your analytics. But you may not have any idea with parameters like CTR (Click through Rate) or CPC (Cost Per Click). You will have to take some industry averages by looking at benchmarks for these figures.

Here are the metrics we consider while calculating estimated website ad revenue:

Daily Visitors
Avg. Page View per Visit
Ads per Page
CTR % (Click Through Rate)
CPC $ (Cost per Click)
We have prepared this Excel Template in order to make it easier to put in these variables and play with them. Let’s see an example and how can you calculate your estimated Adsense revenue.

Using AdSense Revenue Calculator to see estimated earnings for 1000 daily visitors
Number of visitors is just one metric we use. You will also need to know the other metrics mentioned above in order to come up with more accurate estimations. Nevertheless, let’s make some assumptions for this example and find estimated earnings in 5 easy steps.

1 & 2) Calculate Ad Impressions
We assumed your average page view per visitor is 2.2 and you placed 2 ads per page on average. Simply making the calculations, this brings us to 4,400 ad impressions per day.

3) Find Out Appropriate CTR and Calculate Number of Clicks
Your visitors see your ads 4,400 times and now lets find out how many of them will click on these ads.
Let’s say you are in e-commerce industry. There are some benchmarking studies which we can use for an average CTR value specific to our industry. In Adsense Calculator, you can just select your industry form dropdown and it will show you the average CTR. (Source:

4) Find out appropriate CPC
Now we have inputted 0.45% as CTR. When we multiply 4,400 impressions with 0.45%, this tells us that you will receive around 20 clicks per day. So far cool, but how much does Google pay you per each click? In the last step, we are going to use another benchmarking for this metric which is known as CPC (Cost Per Click)
According to a similar benchmarking study as before, this gives us $0.29 as CPC for our selected industry. (Source:

5) Calculate Adsense Estimated Earnings
Now we know number of clicks and pay per click, we just multiply them:
With some rough assumptions, you will earn $5.80 per 1000 visitors every day. However, as mentioned, this is just an estimation and varies a lot depending on the geography, your niche and so on. So please don’t take this as granted.

You also see your RPM value here (Revenue per thousand impressions). RPM is a commonly used number in advertising programs, and you may find it helpful for comparing revenue across different channels.

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