Action Plan Template


Action Plan Template to organize and track targets in Excel. Input your goals and actions, measure status and progress. Visual charts are included.

A solid project management action plan is a big step in bringing goals into reality. Many organizations benefit from action plan formats to effectively manage and complete projects. Our Action Plan Template is here for you to organize and track your goals easily in Excel!
You can easily keep track of steps to take in achieving employee goals and their current progress. With its dynamic and interactive summary charts, the Action Plan Template gives you a clear understanding of your project efforts.

Action Plan Template Features
Our Excel template is constructed by two main parts:

Goal Sections
The dashboard of the Action Plan Excel Template has three main functions. Firstly, it is used to define your goals. The data area is already created to accommodate twenty main goals.

Start by listing your goals here and later on, you will move on to the details of each goal!
Secondly, the dashboard has navigation buttons to view and edit the details of each goal. Once a new goal is created, the navigation button to the ‘Goal Section’ will automatically be created. Click on the relevant ‘Go to Goal’ button to visit the goal page.
Thirdly, you may find the analysis and reporting charts as a summary section. The analysis includes:

Number of Goals – represents the total number of your current goals.

Number of Actions – shows the total number of actions listed to achieve all goals.

Action Process – provides the percentage of progress in achieving your goals.

In addition, here you may also view dynamic charts for: Goal Status, Action Status, Action Progress and Achievement Rate.

Goal Sections
The goal sections of the Action Plan Template are individual sheets for each goal. Here you will add details of each goal. These details include risks and opportunities as well as action-related details.

You will input risks and opportunities (optional), actions and responsible person manually. You may also add start and end dates. In addition, you will easily use the dropdown menu option to choose:

Responsible person for each action, its priority level, current progress level and status.
The information in this section will be used to create the dashboard summary charts of the project action plan. Once your goals and the relevant actions are included, you may go back to the dashboard page to have a visual summary.

Action Plan Template Features Summary:
Action plan organizer and tracker
Dynamic summary report charts included
Informational notes included
No installation needed, ready-to-use
Works both on Mac and Windows
Compatible with Excel 2010 and later versions
Does not include any VBA code or macros